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Project Management – the three project drivers

Louise was really clear that this project was important when we started out. It had to get done. No matter what! So, Dan delivered it on time, and meeting her specs. There was a slight budget overrun. Louise was fine with that. Her boss wasn’t. Her boss refused to approve the increased budget. As an external contractor, Dan wasn’t paid for 2 extra weeks he put in to make it happen.

He’ll be checking for the project drivers (right up the management chain) from now on!

Project management matters for trainers and consultants because our labour is the major thing we invest in a program. But it matters whether you’re employed (and will still get paid regardless) or not.

What Dan didn’t do was check with Louise that her project driver (Time) was the same as her boss’.

So there are three project drivers:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality

Everyone will say that they care equally about all 3, but the reality is that one of these will be more important when you probe.

It’s all about how you take the brief. Taking a good briefing from a client is essential to making your projects work. It’s complex. It’s an art. And you can start by making sure you ask the right questions up front.

I’ve created a project briefing form that I’d love to share with you.

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This article is contributed by Cindy Tonkin -Consultant’s consultant, author and artist.