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Growth-Cafe_Final_72GrowthCafe is a unique, one and a half hour opportunity to network and boost your personal development.

The GrowthCafe meeting process is a great way to connect with learning and development practitioners, reflect on your strengths and areas for development, and get helpful free resources and support for your development.

The power of GrowthCafe lies in its friendly environment, structured process, focus on L&D capabilities, and genuine offers of assistance.

It is defined by the following key features:

  • The GrowthCafe process is facilitated by an experienced ILP Fellow, who clarifies the participation guidelines, and leads the group through the process.
  • The GrowthCafe process is based on the ILP Capability Model for learning and development Practitioners. Attendees use a capability checklist to identify their strengths and key areas in which they would like to develop.
  • Attendees help each other to grow by offering developmental assistance. This can happen in a variety of ways, from simply sharing an article or website link to providing mentoring or sharing examples of work done. The actual assistance is provided after the meeting.


GrowthCafe Details

  • One of the guiding principles of the GrowthCafe is that no one is obligated to offer or accept help.
  • Because personal development is ongoing, regular participation at GrowthCafe meetings is recommended.
  • All ILP Members and non-members are welcome to attend.
  • The maximum number of participants who can attend is typically 10, but the host will determine the number of people who can participate depending on the venue.
  • FREE and includes one beverage
  • There are only 10 places per GrowthCafe session. Places are assigned on a first in, first served basis with preference given to members.
  • To register for an upcoming GrowthCafe, email your details and the session you would like to attend to

Upcoming GrowthCafes

Visit our Events Calendar to see if a GrowthCafe is coming up near you. To register to attend a GrowthCafe, email

Become a GrowthCafe Host

As a GrowthCafe Host, you have a unique opportunity to help learning practitioners to connect and enhance their capabilities. Your primary role is to facilitate the GrowthCafe process and the application of the Guiding Principles. This opportunity is only available to ILP Fellows. To register your interest in becoming a GrowthCafe Host, email