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What sets ILP programs ahead of the rest?

  • Our content is based on extensive and ongoing research into best practices in learning and development.
  • Our facilitators are of the highest standard with proven expert facilitation skills.
  • Our designs ensure effective learning experiences and provide a powerful example of best practice in action.

ILP offers a range of training programs throughout the year. Our public courses are open to both Members and Non-members.

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Accredited training provides a nationally recognised qualification based on agreed industry standards. ILP also offers certified pathways into our Diploma.

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Most of ILP programs can be delivered in-house and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Certain programs can be delivered by an accredited in-house trainer.

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ILP have recently launched their ‘Create-a-Series’ which features their first series the ‘Media Suite’

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The Facilitation Passport suite of programs is ILP’s answer to providing learning practitioners with highly practical facilitation training and recognition for their professional development. It meets the important need for learning practitioners to acquire advanced facilitation know-how that is essential to world-class facilitation and not delivered by basic qualifications.

Most introductory programs are too theoretical, time intensive and trainer-centred. They fail to provide the level of practicality and engagement that are fundamental to be achieving facilitator proficiency and excellence.


Our suite of programs covers all components of the ILP Facilitated Learning Capability Model and incorporate the research findings that underpin this model.