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Geoff’s Picks

ILP’s Research Director, Geoff Rip, is constantly on the lookout for interesting articles and news.  Here are four interesting gems he has found in the last month – What is training in the work of corporate L&D, employee engagement research, elearning and microlearning articles.



4 April

Here is an interesting article by Amy DuVernet and Tom Whelan on what is trending in the world of corporate L&D (from an Industrial & Org Psych perspective).



3 April, 2017

This is an excellent synthesis of empirical research on employee engagement – The Meaning, Antecedents and Outcomes of Employee Engagement: A Narrative Synthesis (abstract paper by Catherine Bailey, Adrian Madden, Kerstin Alfes and Luke Fletcher.



31 March, 2017

Great article by PracUS focussing on eLearning.  I totally agree with this quote from the article “Good employee training programs don’t leave practice and application to chance.”



16 March, 2017

Excellent article on Microlearning by Clark Quinn.  Microlearning, done right, is more than just a stream of content.  It must systematically develop a person over time, requiring specific design, microdesign.