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Author Geoff RipGeoff Rip
Geoff has many years of experience in researching, designing, developing, branding/marketing and implementing high impact products for leveraging individual and workplace performance.

These include training programs, games and assessment-based change processes.

The training programs he have designed address a wide range of learning and performance needs, such as financial acumen, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, facilitation, leadership, learning culture, personal

health, relationship building, service quality, teamwork, instructional design, critical thinking, and corporate values.


Designing for Learning | Designing for Transfer Advanced Facilitation


De Backman-HoyleDe Backman-Hoyle
A Speaker, Executive Coach, Workplace facilitator, Organisational Development Practitioner, Advocate for Mentally Healthy Workplace Cultures.

  • The art of listening to learn is being bypassed for a quick IM.
  • The treasure trove of brilliance in ideas is no longer being mined for fear of retribution.
  • The delicious experience of discovering you are growing through learning on the job and tapping into
  • others thinking is being substituted for a bunker mentality of “keep your head down and don’t make eye contact, get through the day without being seen”

    A relaxed, robust and content mind can unleash creativity and create ibrilliant ideas


    Facilitation Passport Suite | Advanced Facilitation | Essential Facilitation

    Penny CurnowPenny Curnow
    Penny rocks the world of Learning and Organisational Development. Over a decade of developing her corporate Persona using her unique style, and guiding many successful businesses.

    Organisations Benefit from her vast experience in HR, Corporate, Tourism & Hospitality giving her a unique advantage to influence process and systems within companies that will empower and return amazing ROI’s.

    Weaving her unique style of success throughout organisations; industries such as the Aquaculture Industry

    Cold Seam Gas, Mining Consultancy, IT Industry to many to name.


    Facilitation Passport Suite | Advanced Facilitation | Essential Facilitation | Designing for Learning | Designing for Transfer


    Sheryl KerrSheryl Kerr
    BIO coming

    Facilitation Passport Suite | Advanced Facilitation | Essential Facilitation | Designing for Learning | Designing for Transfer


    Gerald PauschmannGerald Pauschmann
    Gerald is regarded by many as one of the most inspirational and thought provoking facilitators who engages learners from all levels and backgrounds.
    His training, motivational and leadership methods enabled him to turn under-performing groups of individuals into high performing and goal oriented teams.
    In any industry, Gerald will provide his learners with a blueprint that you can use to help build successful leaders, individuals and teams within your organisation.

    You will find his sessions informative and practical.


    How to be an Awesome Presenter | How to be an Amazing Presenter